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Typically the Philips air fryer works basically by circulating warmed air at a very high speed round the food to be fried through a technology known as Rapid Air Technology. It really is thus able to prepare with little or no oil.

It has a capacity that is large enough to allow for around 2. 7lbs, for 3 to 4 people.

philips air fryer

Philips XL Airfryer, Black, HD9240/94

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The Philips Avance XL Digital Atmosphere fryer, as it is also known, is a digital air fryer with a digital touchscreen user interface that is easy to understand comes with a set of preset buttons effective at storing your settings by learning your cooking habits. The Air fryer features dishwasher-safe elements and has a strength wattage of 1750W/120V.

Today let’s see why you should particularly need this.

Why you need to Require the Philip Air fryer HD9240/94

The Philips air fryer is unique on its own, separated from the herd in a distinct and special way. Several air fryers are able to cook your food in hot air with no oil, the Philip Air fryer is more than competent to do this but it also goes the excess length to deliver on other regions. It’s safety-oriented and has a lot of excellent features that will make even the most ardent fans of deep baking to fall in love. Let’s check out those features below.


Awesome features in a high-end technology. These features are so great it will take the whole day explaining them. However, this Philips XL Air fryer review has been carefully constructed to realize a concise as well as a possible explanatory synopsis of the most crucial features. Let us go

  • Capacity/Size: The Philips XL Air fryer has an interior capacity that can contain foods evaluating up to two pounds. The whole air fryer weighs about 19lbs and measures about 16. seven x 12. 4 times 11. 9 inches.
  • Fast Air Technology: The company patented this technology and it is the schedule where the air fryer works. The heated air is circulated faster, ensuring your food is grilled to the most of standards.
  • Digital Control: The Philip Air fryer 9240 (9240 being the model number) features easy to understand digital controls that allow one to easily navigate your way through the process of using the air fryer without stress and unnecessary intricacy.
  • Preset Options: There are the preset options which you can easily use to cook certain types of foods without going through cookbooks searching all over for the accurate time and temperature to properly put together your food.
  • Smart Pre-programmed: The Philips Avance XL Digital Air fryer has this smart preset option wherein you can store a particular as well as temp setting for the meals you cook frequently.
  • Temperature Handle: The temperature range is between 170F to 390F. You also have the overall flexibility of options to choose and change temp levels within that range to fit your cooking requirements. This specific is unlike many other air fryers which experts claim not give you this option to adapt static temperature levels.
  • Easy to Use/Clean: The drawer is removable and dishwasher-safe, this suggests you can certainly transfer foods in and out. Afterward, you may easily toss the dishwasher safe part in water for easy cleaning, it doesn’t get easier than this.
  • Safety Termes consoles: The Philips XL Atmosphere fryer gives you the option to set a timer alongside your temp setting. Along with that, it features an integrated timer that automatically turns off after 60 minutes for cooking and protection reasons.
  • Indicator Light: Right now there is also an indicator light that notifies you of proceedings. It offers a power notification when the air fryer is on and also tells you when cooking is complete.

Optional Accessories

The particular air fryer does not come with accessories but there are several recommended accessories that you can purchase from Amazon to maximize your use of the Philips XL Air fryer. Many of these accessories include baking pan, baking pan, double layer rack and some others.

Using the Philips XL Air fryer

The Philips XL Airflow fryer, despite its powerful features, is actually one of the easiest to operate.

How would you use this?

Philips XL Airfryer

Philips XL Airfryer

  • Open up the drawer
  • Load your food in,
  • Slide it back in and input your options through the digital control interface.

Using the Philips Atmosphere fryer, it is easy to check the progress of your meal while cooking, to change the positions of the food if need be. After cooking, remove the drawer again, throw the basket and cabinet in water and clean easily, you do not have to get worried because they are dishwasher safe.


  • Easy to use digital controls.
  • The particular air fryer has a reasonably large capacity.
  • maximum safety for Auto shut-off and cool exterior.
  • Healthy and safe foods without oil.
  • Convenient and simple to use and clean.


  • Bulky, a little heavy and may even take some space in your kitchen.
  • Even though it is not hard to use, you’ll still have to learn a few things but this is how it is with all air fryers.

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