About Us

Mother of two, wife of a loving spouse and a complete foodie, I enjoy cooking and normally, your  home kitchen is my favorite part of the house. Something that I love even more is trying out new home kitchen fittings, changing the look, adding, subtracting, generally playing around with the general decor. I do like appliances but don’t prefer changing them until they are damaged or done. As for kitchen taps, I probably change them every few months.

Having gone through a few, I actually thought I really could start writing on best home kitchen accessories and actually purchase these to review and help others. And so emerged the idea, best home kitchenaccessories.com . I constantly search for feedbacks from my friends, from readers and anywhere I can. This is one way I manage to write truly honest and no-nonsense reviews.

Personally, We want three things in my faucet.

  • Simplicity and efficient usage
  • Durability
  • Dull modern finish